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The Story
The light and shadow benders have emerged from their secrecy. Hidden from the other elements, they orchestrated the attempted manipulation of the Fire Nation. With the Fire Nation's failure the peoples of the Dark and Light empire have revealed themselves swearing that they are the rightful law and voice of the other elements, promising they will assert themselves through force.

With an alliance as age old as light and dark itself, they move seamlessly and exist symbiotically. The Empire has been watching and waiting, using the distrust amongst the nations towards their own goals. Agents of the light and shadow have infiltrated every country on multiple levels; now it's now only a matter of time before they strike. The time has come for direct action: this age will belong to the light and the shadow!

The threat of the Fire Nation has been extinguished, allowing the world to move towards balance once more. That is, until the discovery of the Empire. All nations are gathering their remaining resources for yet another fight against tyranny: however, the previous war has taken it's toll. The current Avatar, the air-bender Aang, is in hiding against his wishes as the nations believe he is the only chance in finally gaining a balanced world in the eventual future. Times are looking grim, but the optimistic view of victory is in sight if the nations can band together against this new enemy.

The Elements

Map of the World

General Rules

1. We will accept RPers ages 16 and up. If you are not 16, yet the mods understand you to be mature enough, exceptions can be made.
2. Applicants need to fill out the application to the best of their ability. If you are rejected, tough. Don’t whine about it.
3. You may have as many characters as you wish, as long as they all remain active. If any of your characters do not post in a thread or in a journal entry once a month, you will be warned. If the character does not post within two weeks of the warning, the character will either be dropped or put up for adoption depending on the character’s role in the story.
4. There is no killing of characters without a reason. If you and another player coincide to take out a particular character, you must run it by the mods first. If you can gain their consent, then by all means, let the massacre begin.
5. Threads with intense sexual content must be posted under a cut with a warning and/or a rating. Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or suspension.
6. DO NOT bring OOC into IC. If you and another player have a conflict, you WILL take it outside of the RPG and resolve it amongst yourselves. If your childish fight affects the RP story in any way, both players will be suspended and their characters will be dropped or put up for adoption.
7. Treat fellow RPers with the respect you would like to receive in turn. We encourage people to chat outside of the RP: friendships often help create deeper and more meaningful stories. It also helps the players to be more comfortable with each other.

Character Rules

1. No god-modding. Characters with god-like qualities will be scaled down by the mods themselves or you will be notified to adjust your character. No character is infallible.
2. Please be creative in how your character uses their element, both in and out of battle. How does their element ease their day to day life? How do they incorporate it into their work?
3. Choose a pb (played by) carefully, and make sure that your choice isn’t already taken. First come, first serve.



[This is an RPG loosely based upon the Nickelodeon Show The Avatar, and when I say loosely, I mean it. Only some of the basic Ideas have been used such as: The Elements and the people who can control them and the prophesy of the Avatar. However, the cartoonish feeling and style should dissipate and this will not be a Nickelodeon rated rpg. ]

[All official art used (info and layout) credited to Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Animation Studios and the Nickelodeon Network]

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